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The Sun Dolls are the premier dance team for the University of South Florida, a large public university located in the city of Tampa and a member of the American Athletic Conference.  The dance team consists of 18-24 members.  All members are full time students with interest in supporting USF athletics, participating in community events, campus activities, and local hospitals and charity events.  The Sun Dolls perform for all home football games as well as men and women's basketball games.  In addition the team competes in the UDA College National Dance competition in Orlando, Florida each January.  For more information visit the official team website at usf-sundolls.com



Team Photo coming soon







2014-2015 Team Roster


Alyssa D


Jen L. & Marissa M.



Alyssa D: Junior:  3rd year

April F: Junior:  3rd year

Jen L: Junior: 3rd year

Tara J: Junior:  2nd year

Janai W: Junior: 2nd year

Kayla A:  Sophomore :2nd year

Marissa M:  Sophomore: 2nd year

Erica G:  Sophomore: 2nd year

Daniella D: Sophomore: 2nd year

Adrienne H: Sophomore: 2nd year

Caitlyn H:  Sophomore:  2nd year

Ariana S:  Sophomore 2nd year







Jenica A. Sophomore

Emma B:  Freshman

Lizz B.  Sophomore

Jenny D. Freshman

Sorayah G. Junior

Stefany P:  Sophomore

Mercedes T: Freshman

Christina S: Freshman

Sierra S:  Freshman

Jordan W: Freshman

Tomika W: Junior

Drew Z: Freshman 



Fan Fest 2014 Photos by Paul:









Alumni Sundolls:

from Left:  Baranese, Liliana, Bethany, Alexis and Alex

(photo courtesy of Alex Nauert)

Thank you Ladies!








Photos from 2013-14:

Team Photo:


Senior SunDolls (from left Tessa P, Alexis L. and Alex N.)



2013-2014 Team Roster


                                                                                    Alexis L                       Alex N.   




Alexis L. Senior:  4th year

Alex N. Senior: 3rd year

Tessa P. Senior: 3rd year

Emily C. Senior: 2nd year

Lily S.  Senior: 2nd year

Alyssa D. Sophomore: 2nd year

April F. Sophomore: 2nd year

Jennifer L.  Sophomore: 2nd year

Kateri D. Sophomore: 2nd year

Lauren L. Sophomore: 2nd year

Michelle C. Sophomore: 2nd year

Taylor N. Sophomore: 2nd year

Samantha B. Sophomore:2nd year






Tara J:  Junior

Melody H:  Junior

Celina F: Sophomore

Danielle V:  Sophomore

Janai W: Sophomore

Kayla A:  Freshman

Alyssa C:  Freshman

Erica G:  Freshman

Daniella D: Freshman

Caitlyn H:  Freshman

Sarah L:  Freshman

Jamili L:  Freshman

Ariana S:  Freshman


Returning SunDolls (from left:  Emily C., Taylor N., Michelle C., Alyssa D., Lauren L., April F., Kateri D., and Lily S.)


Welcome newest SunDolls!


(photos courtesy of Lori Fogg Moses)





Past Teams Photos:






USF Bulls joined the American Athletic Conference on July 1, 2013, Commissioner Mike Aresco



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This fan-site was, for many years, the only website dedicated to the USF SunDolls and for a time was the "official" team site from about 2003 until 2010, when team coach Kelsey Nelson launched usf-sundolls.com on April 18, 2010.  Congratulations to the university for finally giving the ladies their dedicated pages on the university's main athletic site.  For more information visit the main university site and click on "athletics".


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